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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Communication is what makes us human: More tips for thinking, writing and speaking in a world of quicksand communications

86.Design meetings or gatherings to  include everyone.
The dreaded meeting or party full of people we haven't met. Meeting a group of people for the first time can be expansive instead of limiting, if the group is organized around a theme, such as a celebration or learning goal with regular opportunities for both whole and small group conversation. We humans need a balanced diet of human interaction and contact. There is something about being part of a herd or tribe that appeals to our instincts. A larger gathering, for example 15-25 people in a party or classroom has a dynamic of its own, giving us a wide range of ideas to consider that is different than a one-to-one conversation that has its own qualities. 
87. Organize a larger group meeting for optimum efficiency.
Besides starting and ending on time and having a shared agenda, there are ways to increase participation and variety to make for a more interesting event:  Ask participants to move to find a person they haven’t met and sit with them for a brief meet and greet. Or, ask participants to discuss a question or topic in a group of four and report out to the full group. 
88. Tell me a story!
Plan a social gathering with friends or family around a conversation or story-telling prompt. Instead of bringing gifts to a party, ask your guests to bring a story to share. No one should be pressured, but if a person wants to share, here is their chance and everyone learns a bit more about them. Think of a prompt such as “What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?” “Who in your life has influenced you the most?” “Tell about a time when you learned not to believe everything you think?”
89. Storytelling is not only for kids. 
I had known and liked  Chuck for over two years before he became a close friend. That happened the evening he told our supper club a story about growing up and learning to cook in his grandmother’s East Texas farm kitchen. I remember thinking "I really got to know him tonight!He told the story with his whole heart and shared with us his affection for his family and the part of his life that informed his life as a wonderful chef and later as a caring and helpful nutritionist.
90. Be interested as well as interesting.
Super if you are both, really! Time alone will tell if you become an interesting person, but you can ensure that people will find you to be interested. Most of us feel happy to respond to a person who asks to learn more about us. Listen to others as they introduce themselves or start a conversation. Ask a question to learn more. Developing the art of being a good conversationalist pays huge dividends for both the speaker and the listener.

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