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Sunday, September 8, 2013

KLRN ARTS segments in a great 12 month collaboration of creativity

Thanks for a great year of creativity, and hard work I'm very proud to share here, to all the team at KLRN TV, public television in San Antonio and numerous surrounding counties, including Laredo. 

David Bibbs, Julie Coan, Sergio Gonzalez, Leigh Utecht--They're the hardest working media professionals in the region. I say this with personal experience working at three radio stations and four television stations over the many years since I started in the business right after high school and during and after college.

For the past twelve months we worked together to produce KLRN's ARTS series, pooling our ideas and talents in a collaboration that was enjoyable and exciting.

Here are the links to the segments which I personally directed and wrote:

1. A great overview of the Chicano art collection donated to the McNay Museum by Drs. Harriett and Ricardo Romo.
2. Profile of internationally respected conceptual artist Jesse Amado.
Jesse Amado 

3. San Antonio Museum of Art's exhibit of Aphrodite 
SAMA's exhibit on the goddess Aphrodite

4. Profile of faux bois artist Carlos Cortes
Carlos Cortes Profile 

5. Maestra Teresa Champion's flamenco career 
Teresa Champion, Flamenco maestra 

6. Spotlight on impact of street banner photos on near Westside historic neighborhood
project of the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center 

7. Profile of glass artist Gini Garcia
Internationally reknown glass artist, Gini Garcia 

8. Profile of San Antonio Poet Laureate 2013 Carmen Tafolla
San Antonio poet Carmen Tafolla 

9. Profile of Kenya-born San Antonio artist Naomi Wanjiku
Naomi Wanjiku profile

10. Four local watercolor artists celebrate a half century of working together
Profile of Watercolor Gang 

11. San Antonio Film Festival 2013
Preview of festival 2013 

12. Exhibit at McNay on photos used by Norman Rockwell in preparing his paintings
Norman Rockwell's study photographs 

13. Profile of Flamenco guitarist and dancer
Flamenco guitarist and dancer 

14. Nan Cuba publishes new book
Nan Cuba's new book 


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