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Friday, June 13, 2014

Why a bidet?

Five reasons why my life would have been significantly improved and different had I lived in a country like Italy that has bidets in every bathroom.

1.  A bidet allows for the fact that humans have anatomies that sometimes require a nice warm, or cool if your bottom prefers it, refreshing cleansing in the middle of the day, when a whole shower is inconvenient, for instance before an exam in Statistics class or before a job interview.

2.  A bidet makes what are often the toughest times of the month for women even just a little bit easier and more comfortable, and who amongst us would not see the benefit of that?

3. An invitation to be sexually intimate might have been even yet more inviting if a bidet had been handy. Maybe doesn't occur to some, but that's just me, so I'm listing it.

4.  A bidet in the bathroom tells the world there's time and attention provided for comfort and refreshing coolness in a woman's private parts, which take a lot of heat and pressure in work stress and related rushing around.

5. A bidet feels good on your bottom. It helps to remind me I have a body!  I'm too much a resident of the attic chamers of my brain if I'm not reminded frequently that my self is more than a head perched on a meat-and-bones locomotion device.