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Monday, May 14, 2018

Communication is what makes us human: More tips for thinking, writing and speaking in a world of quicksand communications

81. Let’s be honest, in tortillas as in all things, it's all in the timing.

When you flip a tortilla over depends on whether the entire surface has cooked sufficiently. Telling someone a truth is like cooking a tortilla. It’s all in the timing. Your friend is walking around with his pant’s fly open. Let him know in a discreet manner. Your friend’s wife is seeing someone else. Your desire to be honest is admirable, but consider carefully before proceeding. Keep in mind that honesty, like charity, begins at home. Ask yourself if you know without a doubt that this is true? If it is, ask yourself if telling your friend is helpful or hurtful. Take time to listen for the answer. 
82. Honesty is the best policy, yet check to see if she's at home first. 
Are we being truthful with ourselves? That’s not even possible to know, but we can try to be. The trick to knowing if we are on being honest is deep within our inside self. Give yourself a quick call. Take a breath and feel your gut or heart, your appendix or your soul. Listen for your answer: If you feel open, settled and clear, you are on the right path. An unsettled, blurry response full of static and unease means we need more information and time. Be patient, your call will be answered in the time your heart is ready to respond.
83. Ask for guidance for successful gardening of grace and gratitude.
A mom friend of mine was reprimanding her 7 and 9 year old kids for misbehavior when one of them defended herself by saying, “But, Mama, we’re just little kids!” This story stuck with me because most of us could stand to remember to ease up on others as well as ourselves. We are not supposed to do it all perfectly or without receiving help from others. Asking for help from those we trust is like a plant receiving sunlight. That’s how we learn and grow. We delight in a joy of being a part of it all, where we live and also the people and places we may never see.
84. We don’t know what we can do until we try.
There’s plenty of doubt to paddle your boat through in any project you undertake.  The journey and process is often more valuable than the end we are rowing toward. Keep in mind you’re never alone in your boat. Each and every one of our ancestors were survivors. Their strength and efforts accompany us as we push forward with our little ball of sparkles and mud.
85. We’re makers.
85. We come from a long line of makers, problem-solvers and solution finders. We wouldn’t be here without their go-find-an-answer-to-this-problem-attitude. What are you making with your hands and creativity today? You may not find support for your efforts in the media that rewards your consumption of stuff that you pay them your money for. You can always find support for what you make inside you, where the spark of creativity is ever kindled.

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