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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Un Pedacito de Dios

It's a strange time, in the midst of a new semester, 16,000 students starting new academic journeys, each trying to find a parking space. Even so, it seemed to me this morning that everything was "going to be allright", just as in a Sandra Cisneros short story set in Falfurrias, deep in South Texas. The sun's rising was comforting. I remembered to smile more today. I get a chance to be a part of these students'lives, to build their skills and confidence, and it is such a trust that I treasure.

Sometimes I imagine that I see a glimpse of the "big picture" as I guess if there is a God, that She would see. That glimpse confirms everything is going to be allright, the sun rising over the campus, cars streaming in, students heading to class. How great is that? She feels self satisfied and relaxed knowing the "big picture"--even a tiny portion of it.

I love the Rocio Durcal song where she sings about her lover being a little piece of God. I feel like I might be a tiny spot on God's left buttock, or maybe at the tip of God's nose. Wait, does God sneeze?!