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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Rules On Cellphone Use --Communication is what makes us human: More tips for thinking, writing and speaking in a world of quicksand communications

91. The phone booth effect.

“I’m in a crowd of people, so I’ll scream out our private conversation so everyone can hear, okay?”  Something mysterious happens sometimes when we answer a call on our cell phone in a group of people. We often raise our voices unnecessarily and broadcast to everyone our conversation. Just because you can't hear doesn't mean your cell mate can't hear you. Keep your conversation from being overheard and also disturbing others by moderating your voice, moving to another place if possible or limiting the length.
92. Cell phone etiquette rule#1
People do need your undivided attention. When you are able, put your phone deep in your purse or pocket and be fully engaged for the child, teacher, clerk, or candlestick maker. Keep in mind that there is an addictive joy to receiving a text or new message. How you manage the cell phone and its charms has an important effect on the people beside you. 
93. Cell phone etiquette rule#2
You have the greatest idea and want to share it immediately! Remember when you call your friend to ask, “Is this a good time to talk?” “Do you have a minute?” Recognize that your urgency to talk may not correspond with what is going on with the person you are calling. It’s good to allow them to let you know they are driving or busy and need to make arrangements for a later call.
94. Cell phone etiquette rule#3
The technology in our purse or pocket is chock full of attractions and interest. Keep in mind the phone’s apps make money with our attention, so the more we use them, the more money they make. Keep in mind that our lives and goals for ourselves and for our families are infinitely more important than the goals of a tin can tool and its profits. We require one to one conversations in person, time, silence, calm, reflection and careful thought and questioning. Use the tool, don’t let it use you.
95. Cell phone etiquette rule#4
What are you missing out in the real world when you are focused deep into your cell phone or other device? Find out with a little experiment. Plan your next face-to-face conversation with another person without your cellphone near you. Do you notice your face to face conversation is more relaxed and that you enjoy it more? Students who tried this in my class reported deeper conversations resulted when the phone was out of sight.  Be intentional or thoughtful of your cell phone use whether you are alone or with others.

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