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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Communication is what makes us human: More tips for thinking, writing and speaking in a world of quicksand communications

56. Don’t believe everything you think.

Keep an open mind. Part of the wonder of this world is knowing that you only know a narrow sliver of all there is to know. Keep it humble, and you increase your chances of learning something new to add to the sliver. From a lifetime of journalism and teaching, I learned first impressions are not to be trusted. 
57. Social media rule #1.
We show our best side and conceal our flaws. Don’t envy someone else’s images or writings about their life. They represent only a fraction of the whole.
58. Social media rule #2.
Since you are now your own publisher and editor, by all means, tell your story. This is the first time in human history that mass media has become “me’ media, open to all. Storycorps and The Moth are two examples of sites on the Internet that you can record your stories and share them with the world and future generations.
59. Social media rule #3.
Our attention is ever decreasing. The sooner we start with why, the better our chances of having our posts read to the end.  Alcoholics Anonymous recommends the acronym, KISS, keep it simple, stupid. This get-to-the-point-advice applies to posts on your favorite social media sites.
60. Social media rule #4.
Keep a healthy balance of information in your social media diet. You want to be sure you are laughing at least the same amount of time as you spend gnashing your teeth about global warming, the economy or politicians we love to hate.

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