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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Binoculars

A Christmas gift of binocular lenses from my brother and his wife and family is making a big difference at the beach this New Years' weekend. 

In life as in all things, it makes a big difference to have the right tools. The right tools can change the way you do things, but more importantly, they can change how you view the world.

Four of us went birding in Laguna Madre bay yesterday with Captain Scarlet of Fin2Feather of South Padre Island.

Things I saw with my new binoculars:

A thousand shorebirds, egrets, cormorants, gulls and cranes. 

A tugboat that a local retiree uses to feed fish each day to pelicans and there must have been a hundred birds aboard his boat in line for a handout. 

We pulled in to the shore at several tiny barrier islands covered with mangrove that were exposed during our low-tide full-moon morning visit. On them were oyster beds, sand pipers, and most spectacular for their size and preternatural beauty,  the fully recovered population of pelicans and the colorful and stately Roseate Spoonbills proving that God is not only an Artist but someone with a sense of humor.

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